One Piece Episode 1064 Spoiler Final Consideration

Aokiji and Van Auger on the Blackbeard Pirates ship on the cover

It has been expected for a long time, but on the cover of this time, Aokiji and Van Auger aboard the Blackbeard Pirates ship. There is a depiction, and the blue pheasant is probably 10th Giant CaptainI think it’s certain.

its title is “Germa’s Ah Emotionless Kaiyuuki vol. 22 “Blackbeard Pirates Kuzan and Auger” It was. Probably the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates.

The silhouettes in episode 1046 were also Aokiji and Van Auger. Both of them are wearing capes.

The culprit who kidnapped Pudding is confirmed to be Aokiji. That’s what it means. Also, I guess he invaded Chocolat Town with Van Auger’s Wap Wap Fruit .

Seriously, why did Aokiji decide to join the Blackbeard Pirates? He’s frozen the people of Chocolat Town in ice, and his actions are so dangerous that it’s hard to believe that he was a navy admiral.

And with Aokiji alone in the pirate crew, his strength will be unbelievably high. Is there a bounty for pirates as well? At the very least, even if it is only evaluated as a threat, it should be about 1.5 billion.

Blackbeard and Law showdown

Blackbeard says there is no escape as he rides Stronger. and Lo is “R・ROOM” While saying that, he said to Hakugan, “Polar tank! ’ I call out. And tell the killer whales and penguins to go underwater. As a side note Reroom expands what was a self-centered room in a different place. It’s a skill that I’ve learned to do.

and Lo is『Cut (Ambutate)』and Cut Stronger in Two I will make it. Blackbeard’s ability is different from what I heard, is it an awakening technique? I am surprised. After all, it seems that he knows about the awakening of the ability of the devil fruit. You don’t seem to know the details of the battle in Wano.

Then Blackbeard remains in the air “Grash” Saying this, the shock wave of the earthquake hits Law’s friends on the ground.

Killer whales and penguins! Strong Heart Pirates in Naval Battles

Did Doc Q die Stronger, he was a good guy I am sad. However, since this is a casual feeling, I feel that Stronger is alive. He also wrote in the wiki that “it also became a symbol of immortality in Roman times” . I don’t think there will be a strong exit here.

Doc Q throws apple bombs at Law’s friends. but from the sea A killer whale shoots water from its mouth and explodes an apple bomb in front of Doc Q. Let’s see, Doc Q got it.

killer whale is Don’t disrespect growing up in the cold harbor of North Blue And, thinking that they won’t be able to match us in a naval battle, they aim from underwater to sink Blackbeard’s ship. In addition , Bepo notices Van Auger’s sniping, and Jean Bart guards it to protect Law. Unlike the Blackbeard Pirates, the Heart Pirates have a much more coordinated fight.

Law’s subordinates are frankly weak on the ground, but they seemed to be quite strong in naval battles . This seems to be quite strong in the battle of the sea against ability users.

There, Law deploys “K-ROOM” and extends his sword to stab Blackbeard. Then “Shock Ville” to damage Blackbeard from within. Blackbeard vomiting blood and suffering, Van Auger warps into the air To do. as a side note Chrome adds room to objects Therefore, the sword is extended.

When Augur asks if he will return to the ship, Blackbeard rushes to the ground. Are all of Law’s executives talented? Everyone says that the sea is their weak point. Blackbeard tells him that it’s a devil fruit that has more advantages than weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard’s ship is under attack from the sea. I don’t know if there are other executives or not, but if Aokiji is here, it’s over. If the sea were frozen, even the killer whales would be unable to do anything.

The strength of killer whales and penguins

You said that they are strong in naval battles, but what kind of strength are killer whales and penguins?

Killer whales swam smoothly in the sea and bombarded the water from their mouths like fishmen, but they are probably normal humans.

“ONE PIECE novel LAW” Law’s past is depicted in the novel version, but Law, who disappeared from Corazon, healed his illness with his own power, was picked up by an old man named Wolf on Swallow Island, and met Bepo there. In addition, her parents were swallowed by the high waves on the beach and died.

When the two escaped to a hut in the woods, they accidentally detonated a bomb and were injured, but were saved by Law. Actually, from that time on, the twopenguin hat and newsboy hatwas wearing

After that, the four of them formed the Heart Pirates and left Swallow Island. I’m definitely not a fishmanIt seems.

As for strength, it seems that he was hunting on Swallow Island, but that’s all. I think he became stronger while traveling with the Heart Pirates, but that part is not depicted.

Is it a low pinch in dark water?

Then in the final scene, while Law is pointing his sword forward, Blackbeard is “Kurouzu” Is called.

this is that a technique that draws an ace and prevents it from activating its ability is. It seems that it was also used at the time of Hancock.

So, after this, Law will not be able to use his ability if Blackbeard pulls him in and captures him.

If so, it’s pretty badass. I don’t know if there is a way to counteract this attraction, but it would be quite a pinch if it was activated. By the way, how much does Law know about Blackbeard’s abilities? Law may be defeated in a state where you can not use the ability.

After that, I used Wanchan last time. It would be amazing if you could use Haki to nullify abilities against Yamimizu is not it.

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