Top 5 PS5 Racing Games You Should Play In 2022

1.WRC 10

Top 5 PS5 Racing Games
In this game Cars feel great, very nice feedback on steering and brake feel is good. 
Graphics are decent. Career mode is great. Achievements are too easy. A.I is too easy.

You will really love the anniversary mode and the stages from 80s where people are standing right next to the road, very immersive. The graphics are amazing.

If you like online events then you should give1 try and I wish there was a leaderboard for those who use a wheel and don't use any assists because I am not interested in how I do against players who have traction control and abs nor indeed players who use controller and have stability control and auto brakes.

PS: I don't understand people comparing this to Dirt Rally. They have different content and I play them both. Dirt has better Group B and historic car but it has no modern WRC cars. Stages are very different and I love the long stages I just wish either of the games had more of actual real life super long stages. Either way one is not better than the other and if you can rally you can play them both.


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Top 5 PS5 Racing Games

This is a really fun game if you are into racing and crashing cars. The numerous delays by the developer were well worth it. The graphics are great, physics are excellent, and there is lots of fun to be had. Multiplayer is cool, although I do prefer the career mode, and just being able to create races to run on your own. The AI is true to the level it is set at. Novice and you can run them over without trying, while setting the AI to expert allows for ruthless competition. Each type of vehicle handles true to what it is, and you are given plenty of options to modify to your liking. The game works very well with the Logitech G29 wheel/pedals/shifter.

Wreckfest is a pretty decent game and is exceptionally fun online. The physics and destruction are pretty top notch. The cars handle more realistically. The vehicles here are fun to use, but the game would be better with a larger selection. It would also be cool to fully customize vehicles, as customization is rather limited to some basic liveries. All-and-all, it’s a good, rather simplistic destruction derby/ racing game that will provide entertainment for some time.

3. Dirt 5

hero dirt5
Top 5 PS5 Racing Games
Dirt 5 looks really great, pretty graphics! It has a great selection of awesome cars. BMW M1, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Porsche 924 GTS, Subaru Impreza S4 and so on. 

The many is nice, and the commentary And music is cool.

However, there is a lot of problems with this game. The difficulty is way off, I play on very hard and win everything with ease, as. I would think other Dirt enthusiasts also do. But yet some races are close to impossible to win on very easy. The tracks are mostly boring, not challenging at all, and they do not resemble real tracks. Looks like gravel covered highways, they are so wide, why are they so wide??

 I do like the gymkhana mode, but it's executed poorly, again with very boring tracks. The feeling of driving is also way to arcade for my taste, feels more like some sort of (bad) need for speed game rather than a code masters game. This game became boring really quickly. And don't let me even start with the "livery editor" the livery editor is pure garbage. And on top of all this the game actually crashes quite often. After it crashed and/or froze up probably 20 times in a week

PS. If you like sim racing or realistic games, do not buy Dirt 5. This game is in my opinion best suited for kids. I do not recommend Dirt 5, it has been a disappointment to me.

4. Gran Turismo 7

Top 5 PS5 Racing Games
Top 5 PS5 Racing Games
The best in the series this is a complete Gran Turismo, and have played them all. Hands down Polyphony Digital have nailed it, finally hitting their marks with GT7 on PS5 hardware. 

Playing with prioritizing frame rate runs a silky smooth 4K 60fps. Have not experienced any dropped frames or frame rate issues yet. Ray tracing is only available during replays (ray tracing mode), but the overall detail, clarity, and graphics look stunning being the best ever seen. 

Dynamic weather effects and day/night cycle all play into factors that effect how cars handle and drive. They handle differently at night due to colder temps of asphalt and so on. Sense of speed also seems to be improved. 

Use of adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are well implemented - smash the brake all way down to soon it will lock up trigger giving an ABS effect. Spin outs, loss of control, driving on rumble strips - all trigger really cool haptic effects. 

3D audio is vast improvement over previous titles. Music archive is pretty good been a mix of classical, jazz, lounge, dance, techno, and even instrumentals. More importantly sound effects are enhanced, will be able to hear directional engine sounds of opponent drivers quite easily. Engines, turbo spools, transmission sounds, tire squeals all do a great job to add to immersion.

Tuning has very deep emphasis. There's a point system called Performance Points (PP) that determines the overall rating of car. You have to meet PP requirements for races. If below the recommended level, then upgrading parts and tuning will boost rating. If beyond the max threshold, then you'll need to de-tune.

Lots of parameters for tuning and pretty much covers all areas. From engine swaps, NOS, drivetrain, aerodynamics, suspension, gear ratios, weight reduction, tires, body parts, just to name a few.

Hefty single player campaign takes place in GT Cafe with tasks that allow progression, further unlocking vehicles. License centre is back with cool track challenges, allowing you to grind and earn CR faster. Drag racing also unlocked later on as well.

Demo Mode is back once again. Like to turn this on when my game's idle on main menu. After a set parameter of time, a demo will kick in and it's the best montage of anything car related. From car histories, to wallpapers, to short videos of drive bys, random fun facts, and even car racing demos on tracks driven by NPCs. Great feature to sit back, relax, and watch when taking a break. 

With so much content jam packed into GT7, car enthusiasts and fans of racers will be spending lots of time getting their monies worth. There's so much here to do, and whatever your mood feels like at moment, GT7 has you covered.

5. Hotwheels Unleashed

Hotwheels Unleashed

Top 5 PS5 Racing Games

As a long time hotwheels fan this game does it all. If you had an imagination as a kid this is EXACTLY how you imagined the cars would race. From the handling, collisions and speed. If you watched the cartoon series (hw35, acceleracers) You will absolutely love this game. 

Now for the technical bit. 
Pretty much bug free as far as gameplay goes. 
This game has a really high skill gap as of right now but with most games targeted towards kids it will be decreased if the game gets popular enough(like fortnite). In order to control the fastest car in the game (if you've completed the game on the highest difficulty then you know what car it is) you have to be really good at the game(like really good). But thats the problem,  you have to use this car in order to win the majority of the races on expert. It shouldn't be this way. Either that car needs to be nerfed or other cars need to be buffed to be competitive.

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