When Will PUBG Mobile Lite Come To India? How To Play PUBG Mobile Lite In India After Ban

Ever since its launch in 2018, PUBG Mobile has taken the mobile gaming assiduity by storm. It had over 20 million active players Who wad playing pubg lite daily in September 2018 itself. The game has grown from strength to strength since launch day, and the rearmost snow- covered PUBG Chart Vikendi will only add to its charm.

Still, one thing that has seriously agonized the game is its hunger for RAM and recycling power. The stunning plates of the game are veritably demanding on the phone’s tackle, leaving low- end and medium- end phones floundering to manage.

To address this issue, the company behind the ballot launched PUBG Mobile Lite in August 2018, which is a gauged – down interpretation of the game specifically orchestrated to run on low- end bias.
Presently, the PUBG Lite is available only in the Philippines, with several reports suggesting that it’ll make its way to India in the not- so-distant future. still, Tencent Games has not blazoned an sanctioned release date for the game.

According to Mr Aneesh Aravind, General Manager of Tencent Games India said,” We’re presently testing out the LITE interpretation of PUBG Mobile and optimising it for Indian networks and bias; post successful testing we will release it in India in the near future.” It may launch in September 2022.
How to Play PUBG Mobile Lite in India After Ban Step by Step Guide

Tencent Gaming, the company behind the PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields ballot, launched PUBG Mobile Lite, which is a toned- down interpretation of the popular PUBG Mobile game that’s specifically aimed at budget bias with limited amounts of RAM and recycling power.
The game is presently available only in the Philippines on the Google Play Store, but players from India could get their hands on PUBG Mobile Lite by downloading the APK onto their Android device.

Steps to download PUBG Mobile Lite

Step 1: Download the APK onto your device from a trusted source.

Step 2: Permit your device to install apps from unknown sources( can be set up in the phone’s settings), and install the APK.

Step 3: As the game is only available for the Philippines, one can not play the game from India directly, and must use a VPN to lair the business from a different region. Hence, download a VPN from a reputed company and connect to the Philippines Server.

Step 4: Launch PUBG Mobile Lite after opting the applicable position.

still, you are out of luck and must stay until the game’s sanctioned release in India, If you are still unfit to connect to the server and register for PUBG Mobile Lite despite following all the below way.

Regarding PUBG Mobile Lite, the game features only 40 players, and the Battle Royale matches will take place in a lower 2 km X 2 km chart to grease briskly- paced PUBG action. likewise, the plates of the game have been toned down a bit to reduce the dependence on recycling power and RAM.

Players playing PUBG Mobile on Apple bias won’t be suitable to get their hands on PUBG Mobile Lite as the game has not been made available on the iOS platform.

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